The new ScanNCut!

I just ran a weekend workshop last month with Floriani Embroidery on the brandy new ScanNCut from Brother.  It was a blast!  I had a few of you request for the PDF of the slideshow and for the SVG for my “Power Tool” Sewing machine.  I have included both in this post.  The SVG is fantastic in heat-fix glitter.  I will hopefully be uploading a video on that soon!

Here is the link for the PDF on my slideshow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6trrpagqo30fru9/ScanNCut%20Innovis%20DX.pdf?dl=0

Here is the link for the SVG pictured below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3edbuu7k08ndoxc/Power%20Tool.svg?dl=0Power Tool


Sew it’s Begun!

Welcome to my brandy NEW blog!  Here I will be sharing up my adventures, educational videos, patterns, embroidery designs and more.  All of this will be free to you!  I will attempt to update weekly.  I plan to do either one free embroidery design or one free sewing pattern once a month, and otherwise post educational help to all of you sewing machine, serger and embroidery machine owners out there.  Keep tuned!